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Welcome to the Interactive Zone. This is the place where you can try the different modalities we have to offer. It is here that you’ll be given the opportunity to ask questions, play with the differentials and receive information in a variety of different ways through several exceptional systems. The interactive Zone is not meant to be a replacement for a one-on-one consultation. Rather, it was designed for you to investigate which process would be best for you.


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The biggest secret you will ever hear!

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Hello and welcome to this unique experiment. Here we will be sharing universal secrets I have been learning for the last 40 years along with all the knowledge around the SAGE program for personal and professional development. There will be approximately 156 + classes on this information. They will be derived from using the sage transformational pyramid along with the guardians of wisdom power cards. This will all be done in in the form of a Virtual Reality (VR) class that has a concept followed by information on how that concept can be used to better your life and lives of the people around you. We will then do a quick question and answer segment if anyone has a question or would like additional clarity. 

* Please note that once the class starts you will NOT be allowed in. When in the class please be considerate to the other people and hold all questions, comments etc until the Q&A section.  

**All calsses are for entertainment purposes only


I created the Guardians of Wisdom affirmation cards to be a powerful tool for giving you insights into questions that you have about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual world with just the turn of a card. The cards are divided into five categories; Native American, Goddess, Ancient Asians, Angel and Universal Guardians. These beautiful cards were created for all levels of interest to enjoy. This is a self-reading deck that comes complete with instructions and diagrams, along with easy to understand answers right on the face of each card. Whether or not you have never done anything like this or you are a Spiritual Master, you will have hours of fun and enlightenment with these cards.. Thank you.

About the Guardians of Wisdom Cards

Welcome to the Guardians of Wisdom section.

I created this section and these affirmation cards to be a powerful tool for giving you insights into questions that you have about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature with just the turn of the card. 

As we all know the future is never set; it works on two principles: one is free will, the other is destiny. It is the interplay between these two things that shapes our futures. However, there are times when we feel like we are in a void and we are not sure which direction to go in. These cards were created for you so that you could receive insight as to the path you should travel. We all have the ability to manifest things. The question here is: where is your path taking you and what will you be creating? When you are using the cards please remember that the reaction you have to the answer in many cases can be more important than the answer itself.

We hope you enjoy these cards and the messages that they bring!

For more information please click on the slides below to see the full card. 

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