As we learn to invest our energy into understanding ourselves and exploring
the possibilities around us, we increase our chances of success!

Sage stands for… Self Awakening and Growth Experience.

I created SAGE by working with individuals and corporations for the last 37 years. I am here to share with you all the secrets, knowledge and techniques that I learned in that time by working with thousands of remarkable and successful people.

In these videos we are going to answer the following questions; who you are, why you’re here, where to go to fulfill your life’s purpose and what is necessary for you to reach your dreams. I’ll be happy to show you how to do all of this and much more. All so that you can do 3 things in your life; and that is to turn lead into gold, turn sadness into happiness and you how to transcend where you are currently at. At the end of these videos you’ll be able to do this and much more! For the practical purpose of these videos we will be focusing on how to be more prosperous and successful while at the same time creating deeper and more fulfilling relationships. This will not only improve your life; it will also improve the lives of the people around you!

Classes Included are:

Class 1) You: Shows you the purpose and meaning or who you are and why you are here.

Class 2) Subconscious: Reveals the belief systems that hold you back and the keys to unlock and forgive your past.

Class 3) Conscious: Clarifies your current situation and explains how to create clarity and understanding in your life.

Class 4) Intentions: Set your goals & dreams and create the life you have always desired.

Class 5) Actions. See what you are doing and how to change your actions to give you the results that you are looking for.

Class 6) Outcomes: Understand where you are going and how to create a life worthy of living.

Class 7) Physical: Get the best body, health and surroundings for your life and lifestyle.

Class 8) Emotional: Find love, stability and understanding in your relationships and partnerships.

Class 9) Mental: Clear your mind and unleash your potential; learn how to go form a Job to a Career to a Calling.

Class 10) Spiritual: Find the hidden messages, mysteries and meaning to your life and the world around you



 Outcome from the class:

  • Obtain a new and profound understanding of who you are and what you are here to do.
  • The ability to create a deeper and more professional relationships than you have ever had.
  • Manifest a job, career or calling based on who you are and what you want to do.
  • Create peace and harmony by finding out the purpose of your life and actualizing it.

 Overview: Through a comprehensive system of dynamic cause and effect along with original exercises, the SAGE program provides the ability to understand your situation and create illuminated responses.  SAGE gives people the ability to understand their role in a given situation, the ability to find solutions to challenges, and the ability to step out of their normal patterns and accomplish their goals.

SAGE creates an awakening to see yourself and your situation realistically.  As we choose to invest our energy into understanding ourselves and exploring the possibilities around us, we increase our chances of success. SAGE can show people how to achieve true and lasting success by utilizing the resources in their lives. Once this is accomplished, you can release the obstacles that rob you of your resources, allowing for the realization of happiness and success that we all can achieve.

History:  For 30 years SAGE has been a successful and powerful tool to help anyone understand who they are and how to transform their live and their challenges. The reason for our success is because we help people create a life using their own unique purpose and talents. We do this by giving you ageless information and powerful techniques not available to the general public. With our information and materials, individuals can understand and utilize their own internal power to overcome obstacles of their choosing.

 What you will be learning:   To find out: 1) how things came to be your profession and elevate them 2) how to manifest things in your career 3) how to transcend your situation at work4) how to create happiness on the job and for your clients 5) how to stay focused and on purpose 6) how to elevate your position 7) understand why a client or coworker is doing something 8) how to direct a person or situation 9) what is the purpose of your career and how to manifest it 10) marketing yourself, your company and your talents to the world…


Todd Hershey

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