Welcome to the Guidance section. This section is for anyone who has a decision to make and needs help or clarification to assist them in making the best decision possible. This section differs from the SAGE and Coaching sections in several significant ways.

Please click this audio file to discover more about a guidance session!

The Guidance section is about showing you how you can work through your situation, as much as it is giving you answers so that you can get the results you’re looking for. You are literally given information on how to create within your life the things that you desire. For most people, Guidance usually falls into many categories; Love, Career, Losing Weight, the possibility of moving etc. The list of questions is only limited by your imagination. Frequently it can be several categories at once. For many of us in these situations we find ourselves being stuck or have the feeling of being trapped. It is in these times that an outside viewpoint can be crucial to seeing new possibilities and avenues for advancement.

Sessions: 30min @ $250.00* or 60min @ $500.00*

*Sliding scale when approved.

With Guidance you’re given that extra piece of information to help ease your mind and give you options so that you can make the best choice possible for yourself and the people around you.  Please contact us below to schedule an appointment.

Thank you!

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